Roller Garage Door details

Roller Garage Door details

Insulated aluminium or steel

We offer both foam filled aluminium insulated garage doors and also commercial strength steel garage doors. Both are very robust and come in a range of attractive finishes to suit any home. Our doors are specially designed to take up as little space as possible alowing you to maximize your drive-through height and width. Each one is custom made for each garage opening - including arches.


Our garage doors are available in a wide range of colours and several wood grain finishes.

  • white
  • cream
  • green
  • ocean-blue
  • steel-blue
  • red
  • poppy-red
  • brown
  • dark-brown
  • anthracite
  • black
  • terracotta
  • mahogany-rosewood
  • golden-oak

Remote control

Our doors come with a simple to use remote control but can be easily opened and closed using the manual override for the times when you may have a loss of power to your home.


Safety is a must for any garage door and our remote control roller garage doors are no exception. If any obstructions are detected when the door is closing the safety mechanism will immediately halt the door's movement.

Power supply

We only need access to a standard plug socket in the vicinity to supply power to your garage door. So if you've got that, there shouldn't be any need for an electrican to add any complicated new wiring.


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